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Boston Skating Club Norwood/Thayer Sports Center
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Peabody Ice rink (McVann O'Keefe)
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www.thenephl.com is the homepage
Thayer Spectator info: COVID 19 Rink Protocols
Spectator protocol: THAYER SPORTS CENTER AND BOSTON SKATING CLUB (NORWOOD) SPECTATOR PROTOCOL Moving forward for ALL games at Thayer or Norwood (Boston Skating Club): There is one spectator allowed in the rink per player. To avoid being the bad guys and trying to police this 24/7 and tell family members they cannot come in, the ownness will now be on the programs. As a new and simple way to monitor this, we will be giving out tickets at the front desk to make sure we properly enforce this rule. Each t
Thayer Sports Complex COVID 19 Rink Protocols
COVID 19 waiver for this rink