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Our athletes are reaching the age when they need to start learning how to train.  Very soon size and strength will be on par with skill development.  We all remember the 8 year old that could skate like the wind and scored a hat trick every game.  He is working on his golf game now. If your player wants to play HS hockey they need to get more agile, stronger, quicker and faster.  We want to introduce our players and provide professional training to get our kids off to a good start.   As stated many times – we want well rounded athletes.  Nobody wants a one sport athlete at this age.    We are pleased to announce that we have contracted with North Shore Performance Training in Danvers.   The Performance Training is an extra expense and has limited space.  If you decide your player will have an opportunity to take advantage of the Performance Training.  Players will learn the fundamentals and proper technique of various functional, strength, and power / plyometric  training exercises that will help them prepare for athletic competition. Each different form of training (functional, strength and power) will have various speed and agility drills as well to complement the exercises in each given workout. More importantly , each client will understand why they're doing certain exercises and how it will benefit them!

We will hold an open house for all youth hockey athletes and their families and coaches as a kickoff event during our August camp.  At the open house you will learn about the importance of functional training and North Shore Performance Training’s philosophy and training model and an opportunity to sign up for the training. In addition to training we will have NSPT nutrition partner, Jules Hindman, join in on the open house festivities and talk to the group about the importance of proper nutrition and hydration as an athlete. Jules works with several professional athletes, celebrities and also youth athletes and adults. We are very happy to have her. You can find her information under our Bio section of our website ( www.nsperformancetraining.com ).

Performance training will be 5:30 Pee Wees and 7:30 Bantams on Thursdays November – March.